Tuesday 2 November 2021


 How many beds is too many beds? Well obviously if you are talking the family home, then that's different but if you are talking about for your dolls...... 

Probably most people with dolls have none, a few may have one , even fewer will have two and then there's the few like me ! In my case when I decided to have a count up I found I have six !!! Yes six at least they are of different sizes but never the less six is well four too many! 

The problem is that when at heart you are a treasure seeker well .. it means you have a tendency to buy that treasure you find. Add to being a treasure seeker the role of a weaver of stories and then well chaos can at time reign.

Which is how come I found I had six doll beds. So today I have been choosing which can go ! I have actually settled on four to bring me down to one large and one much smaller bed. One bed I cannot get into locate it all, a nice pink metal fourposter ! But the others I can find and can go ! 

In fact as I type this one as already sold.

This bed is off to a new home !

another bed is listed on my sales page and also ebay.

This lovely old dolls bed I actually got round to making a mattress for, so that will be sold with it along with a beautiful patchwork quilt made by a lovely American craftswoman.

I was in two minds whether to include the quilt but I have three others, so settled on this one.... not to say I won't suddenly change my mind and remove the quilt from sale but I'm hoping it will help it find a new home.

Next up is an Ikea bed.

It's pretty much been like this since I bought it. This one I will either keep for Clara and make it when she's ready or get Paul to fix it and donate to a local charity shop for someone to buy for their child this Christmas . It's too heavy to post really.

This is the small one I'm keeping.

This little bed has some lovely details to it.

And it fits the Sasha's . Another patchwork quilt by the American lady. But it's a little big for this bed really.

Finally, because the pink poster is to awkward to get to, is my most treasured bed.

Funnily enough I stopped buying beds after I bought this one. It's late 1800's and is just so nice and also a good size for most dolls I own. The bed I sleep in is a metal Victorian style bed but white and which we've owned for about thirty years , plus Lindsey's bed is also metal Victorian style.

These are the covers I made for it, when it starred with a studio doll in the Chat n Snap Christmas toy shop window display. Of course it was dark by the time I looked for the bedding and couldn't fine the lovely white pillow that goes with it.

Here it is with another of the beautiful patchwork quilts by the American lady.

and another.... maybe I have a thing about quilts for dolls too! 

Shown with a 20 inch Roche doll and there is room to spare as inside length is 23 inches.

Since I took down the higher shelves in the studio and put up narrower ones, this bed has just been sitting on it's end being moved around as I have needed to get into a cupboard or another space. But while typing up this post, I have decide it could look really nice fully made up standing on the top of the long pine chest of drawers in my bedroom. 

That way it will be somewhere I can see and enjoy it , also use it and even better it will be out of the way in the studio !


  1. Awww... the beds are lovely, and the covers - just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you :) What can I say I'm a treasure seeker at heart :)

  2. The two you kept were definitely keepers. I love the mother of pearl decoration! Pretty quilts too.

    1. Thanks, although I'm getting sorely tempted to keep the wooden one with it's red and white quilt.... but where would I keep it ? ....