Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Well if you have been following the recent posts you will know that Paul very kindly said he'd make me a Sasha sized bookcase , all I needed to do was give him the measurements !

Not being one to miss my chance I enlisted Percy to help with design and then last night gave Paul the requested measurements.

Well this morning despite the very hard frost Paul set to work!!

He'd found these pieces of MDF that he'd cut down from something else he'd made and they were only slightly bigger than the depth I had requested so he used these.

So here are the two sides with markings for the shelves, I asked him to make one shelf higher to take some slightly bigger books, the Fancy Nancy ones which is why a couple of marks are scribbled through but then I remembered that I did not need that so he went back to the original sizing.

The little pile of shelves plus a box of Fat balls for the birds yet to be put away in the shed!

Glued and screwed and left to dry before sanding down and having their backs put on tomorrow ready for a couple of coats of paint!!
Now you can see why I said Bookcase...s! being my usual cheeky self I asked Paul to make two!  one tall and one half the size but slightly longer which is also why I was able to change my mind about making one shelf higher in the tall bookcase because I asked Paul to make the bottom shelf of the smaller unit higher to take the Fancy Nancy books.

So hopefully by the time I get back from work tomorrow , they'll have backs and maybe a first coat of primer!

I have to confess I asked for a couple of other things too! Mind you there's no saying I'll get those but In for a penny in for a pound!! 



  1. Paul is just wonderful Dee! The book shelves are so nice and so quickly made. Do you have a color in mind? Will keep an eye out for the next post! The scene is getting better and better! :) xxx

    1. He is Ginger he is! :) I was lucky that he had those pieces of wood handy that helped save him some time. I am trying to go with a colour we already have in the shed, so they will have not cost us anything apart from time and talent :)
      I hope I'll be able to put them into the room setting by the beginning of the new year! :)xx

  2. When I saw the 'fat balls' I thought you'd left Paul a little snack to keep him going and preventing the need for a food break ;) Poor fellow!!
    Those bookcases do look like they're going to be great though, I really look forward to seeing them finished and in situ very soon!
    Good on yer Paul!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I'll tell him you said that!! lol
      I cannot wait to see them with backs and painted and in place full of books and things!!
      hugs Dee xx

  3. Paul is a real treasure! How do you get away with all these demands, Dee? And then you only feed him on lard and bird seed! I'm shocked.

    The shelves look great. I think Paul deserves a Dad of the year award, those Village kids don't know they are born!

    1. He is a treasure, I can only say It's a talent I have :) lol
      Cannot wait to see them finished! Those village kids are like all kids they just expect it to appear out of thin air!!
      Not all children appreciate Paul's talent with wood! My youngest on asking for the Playmobile plastic house and being told Dad would make her one out of wood, said and I quote " Wood wood all the time wood! " in disgust! lol :)x

    2. Well, the Playmobie house was a good one. I took my kids to Hamleys to see the one they had wired up and with moving parts. Jake had to be dragged out by his heels as he screamed, 'My family NEED a proper house, they shouldn't have to live in an old carboard box!' It gave the American and Japanese tourists a view of how we unfortunate Brits live, I suppose!

  4. Like the other, I love how Paul functioned! Deep admiration!
    Sadly my husband uses only his brain. For solving household-problems it's me who takes hammer and nails -and mashines sometimes (which I hate, particularly the noises!)

    1. Me too :)
      I am lucky that Paul likes to do these things and is also trained in how to do these things, or I would have to try or buy things.
      It's good that you have a go at doing them :) But true the noise can be terrible!

  5. Definitely looking like another case of 'Ask and thou shall receive!'
    Such lucky residents living at 'The Sasha Village!'

  6. Talented husband, lucky lady. My husband says 'I don't do woodwork' he does most other stuff, so why not?

    1. He's obviously decided that if he says he does.....you'll give him your never ending list...He is a clever man! :)
      Paul's trained in Carpentry and Joinery so he CANNOT say he does do woodwork.. :) Lucky me!! lol :)