Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I thought you might like to see the Christmas lights at the front of the house.

We usually forget to put them up but this year arrived home to find Paul had actually remembered. You can see we don't exactly go mad! put I do like to see a little Christmas cheer!.

Well yet move moving of the furniture and added of items etc.

Percy and Callie are still discussing if this is best place for desk and Percy helped Robin move the chest of drawers over to that side of the room.

The sofa is now more central and the coffee tables been added.Also the tall side table that I bought at the Chat n Snap fits nicely beside the chair and the record players been placed there for convenience of use!

It appears that Mimi as found another sweet tin.

"What! " she says opening this new tin she's found " This is empty too!"
Robin looks over in disbelief " How come when you look they are always empty! "

"I have no idea! It's not me if that's what you are thinking!" she says getting annoyed " I have not even had one sweet out of this tin1"
" Okay" replies Robin " Don't get your knickers in a twist! Why do you want a sweet anyway there's a table full of cake in front of you!"
"Well I fancied a sweet !" says Mimi

Alfie's watching the pencil Percy's holding, he's determined to get to it first when he throws it! before that strange looking dog with the big long nose that's appeared !

"I just think it's not right that someone is eating all the sweets and biscuits!" said Mimi
"Well have a cake and stop worrying about it " says Robin " whoever it is, is going to be feeling very sick soon!"

Robin and Mimi look over the lovely cakes that are waiting to be eaten, they look so nice it's hard to decide where to start!!



  1. Mr Mossy is keeping incredibly still and quiet in this post.....I think he knows something. I don't mean that he'd have taken all the biscuits and sweets...but I am sure he knows who did ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I do wonder just HOW much he knows!! Someone may not be seeing him behind that book when they come in!!
      hugs Dee xx

  2. Once again, Paul proves himself to be a great husband! Lights (also, cameras and action) are things mine prefers to leave alone.

    The kids look very comfortable...though I think a few sessions of jogging or bike riding might be better than those sweets Mimi is continuously and mysteriously failing to find..

    ALFIE! Is Mossy nervous round dogs? Could he be feeding them to Alfie or the long-nosed red dog? (That's an interesting new breed, the Henry Dysoniae, do Crufts or the Kennel Club know about them?). No, it can't be Lafie. He obviously has a sugar phobia because, if he was like our dog, he'd have pinched all those cakes of the table.

    1. I think Mimi is one of those annoying people who could eat for England and not gain an ounce!
      Mmm Mossy feeding hungry dogs? no Mossy just feeds Mossy!! He's more likely to ignore the dog.
      How dog's in the village are well trained and would never steal food off the table but watch out for any soft toy!! :)

  3. Adorable post and nice furniture arrangement. I think Mr, Mossy might know who emptied the tin. We will see! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I'm beginning to wonder just how much Mossy knows of whats going on! :)xx

  4. Looks great! Also the cakes and cookies!
    I feel hungry now.
    (But I wasn't the one emptying the tins!) Off to the kitchen.

    1. Are you sure? could it be TT travelling over in his time machine and finishing off all the goodies in the tin? We may have to keep watch!!! :)