Wednesday 24 December 2014


Lucas is feeling a little better today and ate most of his breakfast which was lovely for Mum because she was about to call the Doctor in to see him.

First in today is Paige bearing a little present.

Lucas loves the little snowman who is about to throw a snowball. " Ta!" he says giving Paige a tiny smile.
"You are welcome " Paige smiles back.

Later that morning Ashley arrives from the village shops still wearing her coat and carrying her shopping bag.
" Hello Lucas , how are you today? "
"Sad" sighs Lucas whose been remembering playing hide and seek with his friend Connor and going inside to watch a dvd before going back out to find him, an hour later!

"You are getting quite a collection " says Ashley admiring  Lucas's snowmen and Father Christmas.
" What a Lection? " ask Lucas.

Ashley lifts her shopping bag onto the bed, Lucas tries to see inside.
"A collection " says Ashley "is when you get lots of things that are the same type, like you have snowman and a father Christmas"
Lucas is not exactly sure what Ashley means about lections but he wants to know what's in her bag!

" You got something for my lection Ashley? " asks Lucas giving Ashley his poor little boy look!
Ashley giggles " I may just have a little something I saw in town and thought you'd like "

Ashley gives him a snowman holding a Christmas tree. " Me love Snowman " says Lucas cradling his newest gift.

"Thanks Ashley " says Lucas looking at his snowman " I got lection? "
" Yes " laughs Ashley " I do believe you have a Lection !"

Lucas looks at his snowman and does not even notice Ashley leave.

Lucas looks around at his 'lection' and sighs happily.

He's resting after lunch of soup and bread when Claudia and Jenny arrive.

"Ashley told us you had a collection, so we bought you this  "

"Mm " mutters Lucas looking at the Father Christmas " Him not a snowman!" he says

"I told you we should have bought the snowman ! " says Jenny
" But I think the Father Christmas is cute!" replies Claudia

" It K! " says Lucas " I lection snowman and Christmas ! "
The girls sigh with relief and after admiring all Lucas's snowmen and Father Christmas's they leave him to rest.

That night Lucas falls asleep untroubled by dreams of Connor leaving, he hold one of his new snowmen in his hand.

Tonight he dreams of a Giant golden snowman....

He is so big he cannot even fit inside Lucas's bedroom. But he has a carrot nose and coal bright eyes and a smile to fill the world.
The giant snowman looks down at the sleeping Lucas and fills his dreams with the joy of making snowmen all big and strong.

The giant snowman turns away knowing that Lucas will be fine , that's his grief for his missing friend is beginning to ease.

Smiling his never ending smile he decides to just go and pay a visit to the Ice palace, he feels a freeze coming on.....

To be continued......



  1. I just love it when people have 'Lections!'
    When the children came into my class I always encouraged them to start one, if they hadn't already got one on the go and every so often one child would be selected to bring it in and 'show and tell' all about it all. It was a good exercise I felt not only in self confidence in 'public speaking' but also with descriptions.and keeping people entertained (or more like, trying to hold a captive audience with interest!!!)
    Some of the 'Lections' included fans, hankies, elephants, vintage minature bottles, pens perfume bottles, minature gem stones, along with the usual pencils, rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners etc.

    Over the years I've had glass birds from the Isle of Wright, sheep and lambs being an Aries, wooden ducks, paper weights, first day issue stamps, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and minature metal buses to name but a few. NOW it's just the Sasha Dolls.

    Thrilled to see just how well Lucas is recovering as not many hours now to go. HELP!

    1. We LOVE a Good Lection in this Village ! :)

  2. I hope Lucas is all better by tomorrow, would hate him not to fully enjoy a fabulous Christmas with his new mummy Dee!

    1. I think he's on the mend!! :) I'm sure he'll make Christmas.. :)

  3. Maybe Lucas will get up for Christmas eve to join the others who are probably having fun preparing for Christmas day.

    1. Hopefully he'll hear all the noise and laugher and what you go see what's happening!!

  4. We got so much lections in our life - but they are easier to learn with a loving family.
    Thanks für reminding! I'm smiling.
    You are the best (living) storyteller I know.

    1. Thank you Anne.That is very kind of you to say! :)
      I do try :)

  5. So glad to see our ittle man is on the mend! That snowman seems a cheery chap.
    Sweet snowman-y dreams, Lucas! xxxx

    1. I'm glad too I am running out of the will to write.... not really but time is against me!!!! :)

  6. How wonderful that Lucas is collecting Snowmen and Christmas too! The big snowman is very kind to fill Lucas'dreams with happy things and to ease his loss of Conner. I hope Lucas will be happy building snowmen in the future! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, Yes Lucas's collection is growing by the day ! Lucas is recovering now and hopefully will enjoy a lovely Christmas with the family! :)xx

  7. Send Lucas over to me Dee...I will sort him out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Trying to catch up and as I've missed so many blog posts, will keep this short! (Not like my normal flood of words! ;) )
    Glad to see that Lucas is fine again and what a cute lection he has now started! :)
    Love the big snowman coming to visit him, how sweet is that.....his face is so nice and smiley :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Glad you are feeling a little better after your cold. Yes he does have the start of a nice Lection of snowmen.
      The giant snowman I have had a few years, I saw him in a shop window and walked past a few times before I had to give in and buy him! I'm so glad I did ! :)
      hugs Dee xxx