Saturday, 27 December 2014


Due to the new shelving in the living room, there was no place to set up the big Sasha Christmas tree so I have been restricted to the Kitchen Sasha Studio!

Once Lucas Finally! got out of his bed. I was able to put the kitchen table and chairs back along with the small silver Christmas tree and the candlesticks and Christmas crackers, I also used Lucas's Santa as a centre piece.

I loved these old fashioned Christmas Crackers as soon as I saw them.

The lovely Jenni sent the Village Sasha's this gorgeous Gregor outfit by Ruth Hartley. I just love this and had looked at it a few times on her website but as usual I had a Sasha/Gregor on the  'boil ' so had to pass it by.

Just love the purple checked Shirt which looks perfect on Robin.

From the lovely Steve the Village Clan received this beautiful Purple linen dungarees set by Vintage Sasha, I have not quite managed to get the true colour which is so rich and gorgeous. Mimi got to wear this set first.

From Gill I received this Gorgeous Turquoise Checked dress set by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha with socks by Gill and Shoes by Ruth Hartley.
So without them being aware , I received a gift for a Gregor , a Sasha and a Baby! Perfect!

We had decided as a family not to spend a fortune this year and to draw a name out of the hat and then that person buys for the name they pulled ,to a small value which we agreed would be £25 to £30. So I did not request as usual an assortment of Sasha items but something from Emma Bridgewater.

However I did Buy Lucas a new outfit from Judith.

"LUCAS!  what are you doing with the book and the snow dog! I told you that due to opening everyone's Christmas present's you could not have yours until New year! "

" No he was not Stuffy Kating!! I mean suffocating ! Well you cannot put him back now but you are to take him back to the living room and not play with him!"

"What do you mean you have been training him? When did you get him out of the box? Christmas Eve?
Oh he's been under your bed ! I see ! Well take him back to your bedroom for now, I'll speak to you later! "

Where was I ... oh yes.. I did receive a doll this Christmas just not a Sasha but a Kidz n Cats doll . This one is called by them Nikola and is a face shape I do not have, when I saw her Paul told me to buy her as my present from him, so I did! and she arrived on Christmas Eve

I just love her and her outfit.

She as a sweet look to her.

and her outfit is Purple and green! So it would appear I was mean to have her as she colour coordinates with my other gifts. I now need a name for her, possibly Nicky , will have to see if that fits!

I received this box from

Ronny! It brought a tear to my eye! That she would in her old and obviously incontinent  age be willing to share her stock of  bags with me! But I have to say Ronny I have not quite reached that stage unlike your good self!

But upon opening I found not said bags but..

 this paint your own garden gnome  for the Sasha clan, they are going to enjoy painting this when the weather warms up!

Thought I would show you this Father Christmas who sits in the Hallway, his lantern lights up...when I remember to turn it on!!

Lucas is after this little tea light for his Lection! Lucky I did not put out my other snowman Christmas decorations this year of he'd be after them!


  1. I'm giggling away here :) You got some fab presents...but that gnome set is a bit dodgy :) Am off to change my leg bag :) :)
    Only joking there readers...I am NOT that old...honest :)

    1. So you should be as long as it's giggling and not Pid...g..:)) Thank you I did get some lovely presents. She is readers she is!! :)

  2. Great post to end a third perfect day 'out and about' for meals and visiting family/friends. Dreading Monday afternoon when I have to come back to earth as things start to return to normality.

    Super presents and decorations shown here. Whose name did you draw then and who drew yours?

    Lucas' dog training might just be the making of him too!
    Looking forward to seeing your artistic talents in Gnome painting!

    1. Sounds like you are having some fun kendal, it's always a little down once it all quietens down again after the festivity's.
      I draw Lauren's name and Paul drew Lindsey's so we had to get a tiny present for Courtney as we could not leave her out! :)
      Lucas's dog training..Mmm...we'll see where that leads!
      I'm going to let the Sasha's paint the gnome should be an experience!! :))

  3. Lovely post and you received very nice Sasha outfits from your friends. It is nice to see them on the dolls. I am glad Lucas received his new outfit. He looks like he is feeling much better now! Robin is a very handsome boy and your Christmas doll is wonderful. She has a happy expression and a nice trendy outfit! I can see why Lucas wants that tea light. It is a perfect addition to his new collection! Thank you Dee! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I must confess it was about time poor Lucas got a new outfit ! I do agree Robin is a handsome lad :)
      I am very pleased with my new girl, you never know until you 'see' them if they are for you! :)xxx

  4. Dee, if you should ever find you don't really WANT the urine bags, please send them to me......with this awful cough I currently have, I'm sure they'll come in perfectly useful....OOOOOOps, sorry, too much information ;)
    Love all your pressies, so pretty and very thoughtful gifts.....look forward to seeing the artistry that the kids put on the paintable gnome too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx
    PS Love your new girl too, she's very pretty :)

    1. My pleasure Sharon I'll pop them in the post! :)
      I am spoilt with my lovely gifts and that gnome will be a thing of beauty since it came form a beast!! ;))
      I am very pleased with my new girl
      hugs Dee xxx