Sunday, 28 December 2014


Lucas wanted me to take a photo of him with his lection of snowmen and Santa's. So here he is.

He received a few more from his brothers and sisters so now as a very fine lection of TEN ! Now just need somewhere for him to put them. I did suggest he put them away until next Christmas but he's having none of it! He wants them out in his bedroom where he can see them!.

Seeing Lucas's new collection had me thinking about some of mine, so here are a few Lection?Collection photo's.

This is my collection of Christmas gifts .

These two purple outfits looking so good together.

Then there are the Bramber Bears along with Snowy ( from Dollmum on the bench) and Whitby ( from Chris T) and Gunther   ( from Anne Sasha Commero ) on the bottom left. There are a few not here would you believe !!

Here is some of my Emma Bridgewater collection. I decided that I would buy at least one item in a design I liked therefore not having to stick to just one pattern when another is launched that I love.

These are miniature sized mugs most of which have candles in them. The three pink and white heart patterned ones I have had for a few years, I have used the candles in these and they have a lovely Christmas scent to them, so gorgeous that when I open the china cupboard I keep them in , the scents sneaks out to entice you ! The two Christmas Joy ones are the only ones without candles.

I love the size and shape of these bowls, they are used for all sorts of things, you can just see the Christmas pot pourri in the heart patterned one.

These are the mugs which we use daily. In fact if you have been to the Chat n Snap you may well have been given your tea or coffee in one of these as I have had to take almost all the mugs out the cupboard with me on each occasion due to saving money on not hiring their china. I have decide to acquire some cheap mugs this year for the Chat n Snap as last year we did not have enough plus I would quite like not to have to take these with me.Being quite big they take longer to fill meaning a longer wait at the food counter!.
At the side  are two of my jugs, there should be three but I cannot find one........

Over that last few years I have collected these Mince Pie plates, it's always worth keeping an eye open around Christmas or just after for a bargain, the centre plate is a second , so cost well below price and the spotted one was reduced to half price early in December. The gravy boat was also a sale item last year.
Gill bought me the lovely tulip teapot a good few years back.

And these are my collection of Kidz n Cats dolls, starting with William ( Jakob ) and Kate (Lena )on the left my first two dolls along to Nicky ( Nikola ) my newest girl. I do have a boy on his way who should arrive in the new year. It was not my intention to buy any more of these but like all collections there is always something you are after and the boy coming is one and I would like at least one blonde blue eyed girl!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collections, slightly off topic for the blog I know, I could always start a new blog for my non Sasha chat but then that would be more work, so until you have a moan about the non Sasha stuff it will appear here!



  1. I just love seeing other people's collections. Is ALL the pottery shown here Emma Bridgewater as although I know the name well I'm not familar with her designs and ware range.... although I'm gathering that it must be?

    Little Lucas is certainly doing really well with his collection of Father Christmas' and Snowmen considering the short space of time. that we have known about it.

    1. Me Too! :) Yes all the pottery shown is by Emma Bridgewater, she is a favourite of mine along with Denby , Villeroy & Boch and Royal Worcester along with a few others!!
      Yes Lucas's lection's grown quite quick especially due to me having bought the four little snowmen and then forgetting I had them! :)

  2. Hi Dee, you and Lucas have beautiful "lections"! Your Kidz n Cats dolls are dressed lovely, I especially love the white winter coat and accessories. Your story of Lucas was so adorable, I enjoyed the posts about him very much :-). Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

    1. Hi, We do like a good Lection in this Village!! the Kidz n Cats I must confess five of them are still in their original clothes because I have not yet got round to changing them, they still need a proper place to hang out here and the Sasha's and bears get most of the attention!
      Glad you enjoyed Lucas's tale :)
      I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays too. :)

  3. Thanks for showing your loved pieces.
    (For me it's ok leaving the maintheme a bit. Look at me with my 'Friedenswinter'-Attitude)

    Collection are always 'Lections' too, because they're showing usually artwork - and additionell a bit of someone's heart? (At least in german: 'Lektion' means 'Lesson')

    1. Thanks for the vote Anne :) That is interesting that in German Lektion is Lesson ! I suppose Col -lections are a form of lessons in tat it teach's you to find and gather things that are similar or the same? :)x

  4. I love Emma Bridgewater too! I used to collect but gave up and only have some of the 'pink hearts range' left. And of course the tea towel you sent me last year!!
    I am loving you have made Lucas in to a collector, I will have to send him something next year to add to his 'lection!!

    1. I only collect a few pieces here and there due to my Sasha obsession!! :)
      Why does the thought of you sending something for Lucas 'lection' worry me???? :)

  5. Hi seeing other peoples collections. When I go to craft events we bring our own mug. Nowadays disposable cups are frowned on so we all bring our own. If people brought their own to the CnS it would be one less thing for you to buy, wash, store, transport.... and it would give me a excuse to buy a new one when I get there. I do like to buy a new mug & tea towel when I go to England rather than any commercial souvenirs. Then when I am having tea or doing dishes I remember my holiday. Carol

    1. I love seeing other peoples collections too! I have considered maybe getting people to bring their own mugs to the CnS, I may try it out but will still buy a few because someone is bound to forget!!, Then if that works good! It will save me storing loads of mugs! And I would not want to stop you having an excuse to buy another mug and tea towel ! ;)

  6. Way to go, Lucas! My big boy Jake kept his snowman lection out all year round.

    There are two still here, but they are quite big by Lucas standards - about half your size. Ask Mrs Mum if you are allowed to have them and we'll send them on, but only if SHE says yes, so no bribing Mr. Mossy to forge her signature.....

    My lections are
    clothes I'll never fit into again, but still don't quite give up hope on
    Sasha children
    vintage children's books

    Connor found the Pocket Dragons lection that my children bought for my birthdays when they were little and he says it's HIS lection now. I think he's just trying to copy you, Lucas, what do you think?

    1. Your big boy Jake may like to keep his lection , Mrs Jenni ! My old Mum used to give anything I liked away as soon as I turned my back, you trying to give Jakey snowman's away why he no look!! bad Mrs Jenni!
      I have them if Jakey say ok, my Mum she never know I means never say no for Lukey!
      My mum got lections of little clothes she never ever never ever never ever... what Okay's I stop writin that mum...ever fit in again in a month of Sundays says Dad! K !K! Mum I stop!

      My big big big sister Corty who gots Marry last month she lected Pocket dragons, never ever never ever see them in her pockets mind, she had thems on her weds cake!
      I thinks you should let Connor have thems dragons, he need them protects him now Lukey not there for him..he may get visit from baldy gregors stealing toddlers....struth!
      I knows it.
      Bye Mrs J says hello to Connor for me I writes him sooner

  7. Way to go Lucas! What a nice collection you have! Lovely post Dee! I really enjoy seeing your collections. Looks like your nice hobby is rubbing off on Lucas in a very positive way!. Your Kidz children are very wonderful and look very different from one another. They are very well dressed too. Lovely! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I have always loved collection things and never think it hurts to encourage the young to do the same:)
      My kidz children are mostly still wearing their arrival clothes. That's a job for the new year getting them changed! :)xx

  8. What lovely photos Dee! I too have a snowman collection but didn't put it out this year as I couldn't think where to put it, but next year it'll come out again, I'm sure! Love your pottery too, those mugs are particularly nice, they'd look great on my dresser ;)
    And a nice group of Kidz too....I didn't realise you had so many :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I think quite a few people would have a snowman collection, they are very popular especially this time of year.
      They would look lovely on A dresser! lol
      I do like the KnC dolls I have even sold a couple !
      hugs Dee xx