Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Firstly I thought I would share a couple of photo's of the front of the house first thing this morning.

No not SNOW thank goodness but a very heavy frost.

At this time of year the sun only hits the very front border by the big silver birch tree, so the frost from yesterday night was then covered by last nights, making it appear like snow! Glad I did not have to drive to work at seven o'c this morning!.

Today I moved the table and chairs out of the space and change the desk position

view before cropping photo.

After cropping .

Percy's checking that Callie's happy with the desks new place.

Meanwhile Mimi asks " Whose eaten all the chocolate biscuits? "

She looks in the tin in disbelief! "This was near full yesterday! What on earth is going on!"

She shakes the tin hard " Not even a crumb left!"

"Well " says Robin " It could be anyone because the biscuits are for everyone not just you Mimi"
Mimi looks at Robin " I KNOW that! But it could be the same person eating all of them and why are they leaving the empty tin's around!" she finishes crossly , she was looking forward to snacking on a couple of nice Christmas biscuits.

"Well I want to know who is leaving these empty tin's about for people in need of a chocolate or Biscuit to find and be disappointed ! " she says huffily " That's not a very nice thing to do! "



  1. A treat bandit is on the prowl....maybe Mimi can help set a trap to catch them! The desk looks great in the corner. A wonderful scene! :) xxx

    1. Yes it appears someone's enjoying all the goodies!
      I do miss not having the big table available but I am still working on what will go where! :)xx

  2. Now I have an idea.....could you possibly have the boiler relocated? And that cupboard that you're using for storage? NO? Oh ok then, well this seems to be the next best thing ;) LOL
    And Dee, did you have to show us those cooooold photos, not good, I've had to put the heatpad on now and put it in the small of my back as I tensed up at the thought of all that hard frost.
    I had to laugh over Mimi's face, what a picture when she sees that empty tin! But I also laughed at the little bear ears peeping above the edge of the book....Mr Mossy!!! I recognise those bright green eyes anywhere! It's not him that's been helping himself to the biscuits, is it? (Trying to steer the suspicion away from young Lucas here!)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. So tempting that I had thought of it! but think I may be giving my marching orders if I ask fr that!! Have considered clearing out the cupboard above for a bedroom...shh do tell.... :)
      Frost nasty stuff ! I do like to share Sharon!! :)
      Glad you noticed Mossy sitting there keeping a watch while pretending to read the books! I have no idea what he's up too! :)
      hugs Dee xxx

  3. Personally I prefer the table and chairs in that space with the desk and chair brought in on the occasions when it is needed. Many more overall everyday activities can take place with the table and chairs.

    Can I ask, when you have a spare minute, as to what the chest of drawers/sideboard looks like flat against the back wall starting on the left with the checked chair on the left hand side at an angle looking inwards and the blue settee at an angle from the right of the sideboard facing outwards.
    My main concern will be if you can see enough off what the person is doing on the checked chair rather than only seeing the doll's head and feet......... AND whether there is enough room to pass into the dining area.

    Not sure though where the side table with the Christmas tree on it can go until I have seen if the set up works or not.... BUT a low wooden coffee table in the centre within reach of the settee and chair would be a very useful Mr Dad DIY project.

    Loving the little tins and record player.

    1. Me too Kendal! I do love those chairs with that table but I want to try a few more things out including moving the chair and sofa about! Then I may have to refer to the photo's to see what looks best !
      The Christmas tree will be put away on the 1st so that will free up a little more space, we have a low coffee table which is a music box, I just have to get into the cupboard it's stored in under loads of other things! what this space!

      I do love little tins :) and the record player is so sweet and a great size !

  4. Could it be Mimi who is the treat gobbler? She who keeps discovering the empty tin might be trying to cast blame elsewhere - I remember my brother 'finding ' Mum's empty chocolate boxes just after her birthday one year and it worked for two boxes, but the third was just too much to be believed!

    Or, should Mr. Dad check Mum's weight daily? Would she... could she.... No, I don't think she would...

    Love the way you are playing with the furniture ideas, Dee. It is a great idea to put the kds in to see how it works, I wouldn't have thought to do that.
    At the moment, I have the ideal solution - put all their stuff in boxes and make them use big people furniture! Not too good for photos though.

    1. Great idea, Kendal!
      Pics of Sashas using my furniture just popping into my head :) Bookmarked.

    2. I must confess it did cross my mind that Mimi may be trying to throw the blame elsewhere! will have to wait and see! :)
      Mr dad as no idea what Mrs Mum weight's and I intend to keep it that way! It will be bad enough when I check it for myself.. I may need to sit down with some chocolate and a cuppa just to feel better about it all!! ;)

      I love seeing the kids in the room setting helps it feel a proper room.:)xx

    3. Look forward to seeing your kids in the big furniture then Anne ! :)

  5. The recordplayer with SNOOPY. Now I'm kind of jealous.
    (Note: have to fly IMMEDIATELY to the UK with tons of gold to buy all these props. - Prob to solve first: where can I get the gold?!)

    English reading and understanding is one thing, but shifting furniture in my mind while reading is obviously to much for my brain:)
    I just hope to be conducive by stating: always try the diagonal thing. It occupies more space, but often looks surprisingly good and more relaxed.
    In this case I would TRY to pull the sideboard to the front and set the sofa (or armchair) diagonal to the corner.

    The desk is perfect there.
    (Note: If I can't get any gold, I can eventually st... -no way!)

    1. Anne that SNOOPY record player I found on ebay, so before you rob the bank check out ebay first it could be much cheaper!! :)
      I will try your suggestion of moving chest forward and chair over the corner in the next trial of furniture moving, I like having the desk there but do miss the table! I need the worktop to turn the corner over the French doors..... I wonder......Paul....I think the worktop needs extending....eh well no need to say that!! :)

  6. Lovely and crisp out, makes me glad to be inside.
    More fantastic furniture!x

    1. Me too! although I do like to look...from the window!! :) xx