Saturday 20 December 2014


Three bears have sneaked into Lucas's bedroom and are holding a whispered conversation
"Do you think he's ok? " asks Gertie
" It's not like him to be so quiet " adds Aimee
" I think he's not ok! " says Mossy with authority " In fact I think he's nearly gone!"
" Gone where? " asks Gertie and Aimee together
" The other side" says Mossy mysteriously
" To the other side of where? " asks Aimee " The bed? "

They watch as Mossy climbs up onto the bed and peers at Lucas
" I don't think he should be doing that!" whispers Gertie
" No neither do I " agrees Aimee " Look at poor Diggory, he cannot remember what day it is after Lucas tried to pull the stuffing out of his head!"

Mossy bravely prods Lucas a couple of times with his paw!
" Yes it's just as I thought, He's gone!" he states solemnly " He is DEAD!"
A large thud sounds behind him

Mossy turns round to find Aimee laying on the floor !" What wrong with her? " he asks puzzled
" She's fainted " says Gertie
"Why ? " wonders Mossy
" Because you said that Lucas ..the D e a d word"
"Eh! " says a confused Mossy " D e  d e a "
" Not D e  d e a !" growls Gertie " D e a d !"
"That's what I said!" argues Mossy " I said D e a d e e d a ! so there "
"That mean nothing " Scoffs Gertie " You cannot spell to save your life"
" Can so!" growls Mossy

" Oh dear ! " says Aimee sitting up " I don't know what happened ! I just came over all unnecessary ! "
"You Fainted " says Gertie gleefully
" I most certainly did not !" says Aimee angrily
"Did not!"
"Did not!"

 "WHAT" says a stern voice " Is going on here in master Lucas's bedroom!"
" Oh hello Edward " says Aimee
Mossy rolls his eyes, trust that Edward to turn up just when things are getting interesting!

Remembering what Mossy had said Aimee tearfully looks over at Edward " Poor Lucas is gone! "
"Gone? " asks a bewildered Edward who can see Lucas lying in the bed
" Gone! ended, no more left the building with Elvis" says Aimee warming to the subject " Pushing up the daisies, flying with the.."
"And She fainted " adds Gertie
Aimee stops in full flow " I most certainly did not FAINT ! I was just resting due to my grief!"
"Are you trying to tell me that Lucas as passed away ? " says an astounded Edward
the girls nod " and who told you this information? "
They look at Mossy still standing on the bed by Lucas.

Edward sits down against the globe " Why am I not surprised " he sighs " and how did you come by this information Mossy? "

Mossy pulls himself up to his tallest knowing that he is about to be the person who tells Edward something he does not already know!! A first! " Well I found this sad thing out myself" says Mossy in a serious voice " I am sorry to have to tell you " He wasn't because he knew it first!!! He was loving being one step ahead of the all knowing Edward  he continues " that I have prodded him and he has made no movement and is... " he pauses for effect " COLD!"

Mossy waits for Edward to look impressed , however all he can see his Edward shaking his head as if Mossy's some sort of idiot !
" So you a little bear prodded a sleeping boy and because he did not wake up and feels cold you decide he must be dead? " asks Edward in a very calm voice
"Yes " states Mossy
" That would be Lucas the young boy that is breathing deeply behind you and who as just moved his arm " queries Edward.
Mossy starts to nod then Edwards words start to sink in and he stiffens.... Lucas is moving....behind ..him...

before Edward can continue Mossy is off the bed and half way out the door only his backside still in view!

Edward watches Gertie and Aimee rush past " Going somewhere girls? "
" Yes " "Yes , sure I just heard Mrs Mum call me " puffs Aimee hurrying towards the door without stopping " I remember I said I'd help her with er with  with .....Bye!"
with a small thud the door shuts behind them.

Edward climbs on the bed and strokes Lucas's hair , He shuts his eyes for a moment taking a deep breath to steady his heart, when he heard them silly bears saying Lucas was dead he nearly....... he steadies himself and breaths deeply resting gently on Lucas sleeping head.
"Your'll be fine young lad , don't you worry we'll help you get your naughty little self back" he mutters then thinks what am I saying! Maybe we could get a not quite so naughty boy back , he smiles but that would not be our Lucas..

Edward starts to climb down from Lucas's bed .suddenly..

Laying on the floor where he'd slipped, he rests catching his breath, he was almost getting to old for all this drama!

To be continued.....


  1. Unbelievable! The story continues -and tantalising the poor follower. Me!

    What a great joy meeting the dear villagebears again! Hello Mossy, Edward, Gertie and Aimée!

    1. Glad you are tantalised! Yes the bears have been complaining about not having any blog time, so have turned up at last! :)

  2. This story is getting 'dead' good...
    Buy the boy some pyjamas Dee!

    1. Thought you'd like that part!! :) I have some pj's round somewhere just cannot find them at the moment!! of course they'll appear as soon as these posts are finished!! :)

  3. Trust Mr Mossy and the other bears to cause such a disturbance in a sleeping toddler's room! They can't help themselves. Ronny is right though - I'm not surprised Lucas was cold to the touch if he wasn't wearing pyjamas - bare arms in the winter even with that warm quilt is bound to mean he felt cold to Mr Mossy.

    1. Bears will be Bears especially Mr Mossy!! Lucas is one of those children who is like a little furnace, always hot inside but of course his skin would feel cold....I am looking for his pj's they are somewhere..... :)

  4. p.s. very flattered to see that Lucas has so many toys from DollMum in his room. Dmd is going to enjoy this story line with her breakfast tomorrow.

    1. He loves Dollmum's Toys, especially the mallets which he uses like a weapon if I don't manage to get it off him quick enough! :) I hope Dmd will enjoy this tale with her breakfast :)

  5. Poor old Mr Mossy! He keeps trying for a starring role in the Village dramas, doesn't he?

    How nice to see Edward showing a less officious side of his nature once the other bears have left the room, though. Polite, reserved, able to quell the other servants, wearing black and white and somehow distant, is our Edward the Village butler? I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up in this year's Downton Abbey Christmas special.

    1. Poor Mr Mossy? he usually causes the village drama's!!
      Edwards is very like a little bulter seeing everyone as what they need when they need it! If you watch Downton very carefully you will probably see him in the background straightening a pillow or organising a hot water bottle! :)

  6. Love seeing the bears checking on Lucas. Edward has a strong, calming presence here. Lucas, you are loved!!! Wake up!!!

    1. They are very friendly bears and Edward is very strong and especially caring of the Sasha clan :)xx

  7. Oh dear, poor you as I feel that I have questions coming on that need answering first.....!

    Is that a NEWLY purchased bed then as I can't remember seeing it before this?......although they do say that our memories declines with age (and I well know that I'm now one of the very OLDER Sasha Collectors!
    Secondly have I seen that delightful little globe before this post?
    Might I have seen the Ghost hanging lamp before in your Halloween post?
    What about the black standing fluffy bird?

    I always enjoy it when THOSE little Bramber Bears join in the fun.

    If you can't find his PJs then he could always sleep in his pants and a T shirt if he's feeling the cold ....though I very much doubt it with that warm duet. More like he has his arm out of the covers to cool himself down. (....Or he might even just enjoy the freedom of being under the covers in the 'nude.')

    1. To answer your questions Kendal.
      No that's not a new bed it's the first bed I ever bought, I now have four if you count the pink fourposter! All needing mattresses and sheets etc, a job for next year...!
      You may have seen the globe about in a post I am not sure.
      The Ghost hanging lamp and the big fluffy black bird were part of the Halloween photo.

      Yes the bears have been sadly lacking of late! I must make sure they get on more next year!

      He is wearing a pair of the babies footless leggings in case the covers slip and he was to show off his little backside! but that's a good idea about a t shirt if I cannot find the pj's :)

  8. Poor boy, no PJs!!! Yes, he needs a tee shirt, it's cold and he is only a little toddler after all...but thank goodness he's only chilly and not DEAD!!! Poor Mossy, he almost gave those girls heart attacks with his news!
    Yes we do need to see more of the bears next year, they certainly are very entertaining....without even realising it!!!
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

    1. You'll all be pleased to hear I have found his Pj's, They are his favourite not that he would tell you ! Yes thank goodness! That Mossy is a menace sometimes!

      I will have to give them a couple of monthly spots to make sure they get a look in! Mind you sometimes they take over!! :)
      Hugs Dee xx

  9. I'm sure Mrs. Mum and Mr. Dad keep the boiler well stoked up to keep the Village kids warm. Just imagine if all that crowd went down with something all at the same time. There's away to keep busy over Christmas!
    I love all Lucas' little toys and the things the others have left him. It seems there are some advantages to being the only toddler around. I especially liked his jigsaw puzzles. The bed is gorgwous - must find mne but I his it from the toddlers as four of them jumping on it might have been a disaster. Another advantage of being an only, Lukey!

    1. Mrs Mum does , Mr Dad turns it off and says it's mild !! Luckily the kids are all quite hardy and healthy.
      Sounds like chaos does rain with Four toddlers in the house!Mind you Chaos rains here with either Toby or the bears!! :)xx