Wednesday 24 December 2014


"Hello Kate!" calls Lucas as his big Sister Kate come in from the cold " You look like a snowman!"

"Do you like my new winter coat and hat then ? " laughs Kate
" Yes " says Lucas shyly, he loves Kate she is his favourite big sister.

Kate takes off her coat settles on the bed and lifts Lucas into her lap.
" So Lukey What's all this fuss about then!"

" Connor !" says Lucas his voice breaking " Go  ne !" He turns into Kate's shoulder and cries.
" Sh Shh  Lukey " says Katie patting his back softly " Let me tell you the tale of the snowman "

As Kate tells Lucas the tale of the snowman by Raymond Briggs, Lucas calms and listens ,asking questions, now and then.
He gets a little upset again when the snowman melts but Kate explains that it does not mean that the boy's friend is no longer there just that he'll always be near and in his heart just like just  Connor now home with his Mam does not mean that he cannot still be Lucas's friend !

Lucas asks " Why Con have go home!"
"Well what if you went to visit someone ,won't you want to come back to Mum and us? " Kate waits to see what Lucas answer will be.
He is quiet for a while  and she watches the expressions flashing across his face, finally he says " I not go visit NO ONE! " he says with a determined voice " I live here now!"

Kate smiles " So what about how Connor feels "  Lucas thinks  " OK ! It K Connor go home "

Kate settles Lucas back to bed and gives him a snowman just like the one in the story.

Gathering up her coat , hat and muff Kate heads off to her room, she needs to wrap Lucas's present before the morning.

 Kate's been gone awhile when Lucas gets out of bed " Need mum write Christmas card to Connor " He says half asleep and stumbling towards the door.

Lucas does not find Mum but he does find........

The presents under the Christmas tree! Lifting up one Lucas jiggles it ! He cannot hear a thing! He'd best open it and check what's inside..then he'd best check the rest.........

The End



  1. Kate be nice big sister. Glad she tell why I got come home. Now you undystand, Lukey?
    You still my bestest friend and maybe mine twin brother boy. We live different house but still be friends.

    Think I go look see what parcels not rattley like you doing. We open them to make sure not just empty box cus nobody want not get present. We helping by unwrap them all tonight so nobody sad to get empty box in morning. Right, Lukey?


    1. Hell O Con
      I four give you as Kate told me story of Snowman and I am glad you did not melt!
      Yes you must open them presents , if you find a snowman it's mine Santa must left in wrong house! So send it me now!
      I send you card when Mum gets up

  2. thankyou for giving us such lovely stories this year, have a lovely xmas ....sarah xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah, Thank you for taking the time to read them :) and thanks for all the wonderful clothes you tempt us with all year. Dee xxxx

  3. uh oh, I knew that once Lucas felt better he would be up to mischief again! I think underneath the Christmas tree is going to be a bit of an unwrapped mess by the morning unless someone catches him! Mrs Mum you'd better get in there quickly!

    1. And I lived in hope he'd be a good boy now! I think mum will be too late to stop the mess but hopefully she'll see it before all the others come down!!

  4. He's naughty again...thank goodness he is feeling better... I was getting worried that he had turned over a new leaf!!

    1. Now why did I think you'd enjoy this outcome!! :)xx

  5. The best ending just at the right time :)

    Lucas is a bit like Michel (from 'Michel/Emil in Lönneberga' by Astrid Lindgren)
    Always doing things his family are not happy with -and says: it becomes mischief by itself.

    Merry christmas to all in the Village!

    1. Oh! Thanks for the reminder. I must get out our old Astrid Lindgren books - the Sashas would love them.

      Merry Christmas!


    2. Thank you Anne. I will look up these books by Astrid it may help me understand this little tike!!
      Merry Christmas :)xx

  6. No wonder Lucas loves Kate the very best, she is a wonderful big sister! She reads to him, listens to him, and helps him understand why Connor went home. Plus, she leaves a snowman gift! What a great sister and such a pretty coat and hat! Another great post. Thank you Dee! Merry Christmas! :) xxx

    1. Kate is indeed a great big sister and I am glad Lucas found someone to help him understand why Connor needed to go home.
      I have admired that coat and hat for a while and finally decided Kate deserved such a wonderful winter outfit!
      Merry Christmas :) xxxx

  7. Many thanks for another year of these wonderful Sasha Village stories. I just love these posts of yours the VERY best of all.
    So pleased that Lucas is now better and he is obviously back to his 'naughty but nice' little self...... though not sure that the other Sasha Village members will agree when they spot the sight of all these un-wrapped presents under the tree.

    1. Thank you Kendal. I love doing these posts , just do not always have the time. Mmm lets hope he's naughty but nice and not just plain naughty or I may have to send him back to old Icy......Joking!! :) I would never send him back.
      Hopefully Mum and Dad will have time to sort out and re wrap those open presents before the other children get up or it could be chaos! :)xx

  8. Heeehee love it....glad he's back to his old self again....I too was worried that maybe he'd lost his mischief gene, and we can't have that, can we?
    Big hugs Sharonxx

    1. I knew it could not last ! But he is not bad just naughty ! and yes there is a difference :)
      hugs Dee xx