Monday 29 December 2014


This evening I have been trying out a couple of piece's of my Sasha furniture to see what will suit or fit.

I bought this little unit a few years back and painted it this pale green, it was used a couple of  times in the
early days.
You can see that the raised detailed area at the top makes it too big to fit under the cupboard.

I could see that if I turned it , it would fit between the cupboard and the boiler.

Unfortunately this means the table area is too small to use! Also defeats the opening up of the space!.

"Well That did not work!" says Robin
"Mmm" mutters Mimi continuing to read her new book.

"Good book? " asks Robin
" Shh !" is the only reply he gets.

"What are you doing? " Robin asks Percy who's come to sit at the table.
"Making a plan"

Robin gets up to go and look. "What's your plan for? "
" A new bookcase"
"Really " say Robin impressed " Are you going to make it? "

" No I'm going to help Dad make it" replies Percy " Mum said she needed a book case and Dad said
Tell me what size and I'll make it"
" How does Mum do that!" ask Robin
"I have no idea but she must know when Dad's in a good mood!"
" I wonder if I ask him to make me something while he's in a good mood!" ponders Robin
"Why want do you need"
" I don't know !"

Mimi calls from across the room " You'd best measure our new books for these shelves, these Fancy Nancy books are bigger than Robin's Winnie the Pooh!"

Robin collect a couple of books and takes them to Percy.
" Yes these new books are a little bigger ! I'll need to factor that into the design " muses Percy

 Going back to the armchair Robin surprised to see that a desk and chair have appeared along with Callie!

"Mm not sure that's a good place for the desk " says Robin

"Yes " says Mimi " I think it's not the right place!"

"Well that's as may be But" says Callie picking up a pencil and beginning to doodle " I like being able to use the desk!"

" I think Mum's going to try it over where the table is but Percy was using the table so she placed it here for the moment" Callie tells them.

"This furniture arranging is quite hard really " sighs Mimi
" Yes I think it is" confirms Callie.


I just knew that green cupboard would be too big! Drat ! mind you I have wanted a bookcase for a while, so mentioned it to Paul late last night and he said he'd make me!! one if I gave him the sizes when I returned from work tonight! Well I wanted him to have made it by the time I got home! being impatient but since I had not left any measurements , not having time to do so before work plus I am sure it will take longer than a day
for it will need either staining or painting, it's still to be made.
I'm wondering if I dare add a side table or two to the bookcase or will I be pushing my luck??

I'll move the table and chairs out tomorrow and try another arrangement although I do like having that table where it is, so will see what happens tomorrow.

to be continued!!



  1. Great, you letting me see your trials. It looks absolut 'gemuetlich'.
    (I'm just boring around, coughing -and in need to find a new book to read.)

    Beside the other probs - I love the desk, also your small books and all the other probs. (I'm pretty sure the UK is a better place for finding Sashaprops as germany! )

    And you got a DH, who's in the mood to build something for you.

    I'm longing to the next post.

    1. You are welcome :) and a trial it is, I so need more space!! ( are we Sasha bloggers ever happy! )
      I have lots of props but some I have even forgotten about due to not having the space to use them.
      I do not know when the DH will start my bookcase list..Oops :)... as it's so cold here at the moment!
      There are a lot of people with these terrible colds and coughs at the moment, I hope you feel better soon:) x

  2. We have just the same problem as the Village kids, both with Sasha furniture and with our own!

    Deeee.... could you come here and show me how to get Sasha Dads to build things......? Mind you, you will have to bring Mr Dad with you to give Dada a crash course in dolly DIY!

    1. This is an eternal problem I do believe ! with all furniture both big and small! have SNOW!! where you live!! We have just a very heavy frost and I am thinking of taking to my bed!!! It's Cold Jen Cold!!! I am and always have been a Orchid which needs just the right temperature to exist or all you'd be hearing is " I'm freezing I'm freezing " like a Gregorian chant ! and you'd soon throw me out just to get some peace!! :)
      Mind you I bet you keep hold of Paul and ply him with tea and biscuits while telling him of your Sasha furniture needs, knowing that sooner or later he'll cave and say those immortal words..." I'll make you one!"
      So thanks for invite but we'll stay here until he's make my bookcase..list... :) xxx

  3. It's almost like when you move into a new home with all this furniture moving about. Priceless entertainment for all (....and .for once something that I' must be good at as I do get a few requests from family and friends in this department.)

    I just love bookcases. Such useful items for storing all manner of things!

    Looking forward to seeing the next installment.....though I'm surprised that the end wall on the right is still standing and not been demolished and a steel beam inserted, to support the upstairs flooring, to allow for an extension to the Sasha flat!.

    1. Exactly Kendal! Only I would have bought a bigger Sasha House ! I am sure you have the eye for placing things Kendal, I can tell by your beautifully posed Sasha's.

      I also love bookcases and have quite a few around the house and find it very hard to part with any if not longer needed!!

      KENDAL! don't give me ideas!! I am liable to think them good and Paul to come home to find half the wall missing and a force nine gale blowing through the kitchen!! A flat would be good but a HOUSE better ! :)xx


  4. Ginger30 December 2014 at 13:49
    Dee, I love that you are sharing your furniture arranging ideas with us. Percy has quite the task to design a proper bookcase for Paul to construct! I am sure it will be perfect! I think you need more space too! All of the furniture is just wonderful and makes for a happy scene. How could you part with any one thing? Robin, Mimi, and Callie all look so at home and who is that adorable puppy??? Thanks for another fab post!!! :) xxx. (Corrected typos :()


    1. Thanks Ginger :) Percy is very talented in the furniture design and wood work which is why Dad's training up to help him when he is older.
      I am glad you agree I need more space :) but the problem is finding it!! If I had not down sized I could have had a big 12ft x 10ft room but alas it's too late for that!
      Alfie the puppy is from Bramber bears he's been here a long time and makes appearances now and then! :)xxx

  5. Do you have an IKEA locally Dee? You could get some great bookcases there and make them into a set of rooms! I got my bookcases with that intention but then got sidetracked and they've not become rooms yet because I don't have much furniture, just a few things...and not the size for these dolls....
    I really love the AG desk and chair, I have coveted that for aaaagggges! Shame about the pale green bookcase, it looks very pretty too.
    I am one of those people too who is 'freezing' at the's all very well having sunshine, which we have a ton of at the moment, but Spanish houses are NOOOOOT designed for COLD, I'm blooming frozen and that's with 5 layers on my top half PLUS a Chihuahua down my top and two dogs on either side of me keeping my thighs warm. NOOOOOO I really DON'T do COLD! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I don't really need an IKEA as I have a three shelved purpose built nice and deep unit Paul built me up in the Sasha room but it's too dark in there for photo's and the shelves are too big to move elsewhere and there is not really any where else in the house they could go! You would be surprised by how much space you need just for one room setting never mind a whole house!! :)
      I found that AG desk on ebay and the lady gave me the chair for free because it was broken! Paul fixed it and now it works perfectly and needs to be available to use more!!

      It is supposed to be warming up here tomorrow, by that they mean 6 degrees instead of - 4 but that will do me if it means not ice!!
      keep warm
      Hugs Dee xxx

    2. After I typed that, I did wonder to myself why on earth you'd even need IKEA when you have a PAUL so close by ;)
      I think you should think about the lights instead then....maybe some daylight lamps. I got a small 'studio' set recently in Sevilla and got some nice results, it takes a bit of working with but it might solve some of your problems of lighting.
      It was 2C here yesterday morning but it is currently 13C here and sunset will be in half an hour at 6.11pm...... Not too bad.
      Big hugs again

    3. Yes I do need to look into the lighting I think , that will make things much easier and also help with stopping the flash catching the eyes!.
      Glad to know it's warming up there too! :)
      hugs Dee xxx