Saturday, 6 December 2014


Meet Brigitte my latest course doll and my last doll of the year, if you don't count Trendon. This lovely girl was put up for sale by Brigitte and I just loved her on sight. I knew she'd be a perfect girl to join Beatrice on the bench.

Brigitte bought her from her owner Rita who was around 85 at the time, this was 5 years ago. Brigitte had called her Rita after her maker but due to family connections I decided to name her Brigitte. She has a real hair wig just like my other course girl.

Her dress is blue and white striped but very faded due to age and washing,. She wears very pretty underwear of bloomers and petticoat. Hand knitted socks and homemade shoes.

Here she is sitting with her new sister Beatrice. I did not realise that they would both have names beginning with B! So I will have to keep this trend for any additions to this course doll family.

Both girls came with their hair tied in ponytails but I quite like their hair down, so you can see it round their faces.

You can see there is space for at least one more on that bench.....a blonde maybe......

Two girls made with same kit but with totally different looks due to hair style and face paint and clothes.

I wonder as they were made on a course in Switzerland does that make them GOTZ girls???? :)



  1. As John McEnro used to say.......'I don't believe it!'
    ANOTHER Sasha Doll entering the Village ....which must by now be 'full to busting!'

    (I'm now beginning bto wonder if all these dolls are being able to be bought on account of my loan and overdrawn accounts interest fees to the NatWest Bank!)

    What a wonderful Sasha Doll filled year you have had! I'm just adoring your latest Course doll, Beatrice. How lucky are you then and athough it pains me to say this but I'm rather agreeing to your suggestion that there is room for a third 'blonde' Course doll on your bench!

    Now patiently awaiting to see the photos of your Trendon guy! Has he actually arrived at the Village yet?

    1. Kendal surely that's Victor Meldrew!! :) I feel I still have a good way to go to get anywhere near the number residing at the Manor!!
      If I was getting a cut of your interest fee's I'd be buying studio dolls not course dolls!! ;)

      It's been a very good Sasha year one way and another this year so I am probably due for a poor one next year! :(
      I am glad you can see a third is needed at some stage for that bench! :)

      Yes My boy Trendon is here ready and waiting for the big reveal !!! :)xx

    2. Sorry I meant to say Brigitte, your new Course Doll.

  2. They look so Gotzxxx erm good together, Dee. Don't be telling me that there will only be one more of these lovely would be a squash to sit 3 on the bench, so you'll hve to have a second bench. Then you can't leave one all alone on the new bench, can you....

    How tall are thse little ladies? I've always wondered.

    Congratulations on your new adoptee.
    J xx
    PS, as soon as I picked up my camera to take photos of my girls, it started to rain. Ho hum, another day lost.

    1. I agree Jenni they do look Gotz..together :) Yes only one more Jen , three can sit comfortably on that bench the boy could stand behind... did I say that! ?? :)
      They are around the 20 inch mark , so a lovely size not too big and not too small :)
      Thank you that's me done for this year, need to re fill the dolly penny coffers for next year!
      Dee xx
      ps Get your backside in gear i'm waiting to see those new comers at yours, I'm not the only one have a fabulous end to the year doll wise!! :)

    2. Yes I agree with Dee, Jenni, get that culo out into the rain and take those photos.....get Bruce to hole an umbrella over you all ;)

  3. I might not had a fabulous year doll wise, but it has been lovely to see yours...sadly quite a few were Gotz, but I suppose you have to take the Gotz with the bad ..ouch :)

    1. OUCH indeed!! :) I would say by all those poor boys being fired on your blog you've had a very good month at least!! :)

  4. Dee, she's lovely and looks great with Beatrice :) And I agree there is just enough space for a blond girl to join them on that nice bench!!!!
    I used to think that these girls weren't all that nice, but since seeing them at the CnS, I have changed my opinion, I think they're really sweet looking. I actually can't see one in my future, but I like looking at everyone else's girls and boys :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I know that not everyone would want one, which is a bonus or they'd be like toddlers and go for silly money! but three I think for me would be a good number to have :)
      hugs Dee xx