Tuesday 2 December 2014


Well hopefully this is not the Brunette of the month post but another one!

I was running late with sorting out my December brunette and so decided to take a group shot, then I saw Steve's Np boy's photo's and asked if I could use them, so he saved the day!

But I thought I would share these ones , they are of all my brunette girls together.

Much to my surprise I have Eight ! They seem to be in two's!
Two slate eyed Gotz girl's
Two Limited edition Velvets
Two Trendon girl's a 68 and a 70
and Two No Navel girls.

On this side we have Mimi, (slate eyed gotz) Violet ( Ltd Ed Velvet ) Raven ( No Navel Gotz) and Claudia ( 1970 Trendon ).

Sapphire ( Ltd Ed Velvet) Ava ( pale skinned slate eyed Gotz) Jenny ( 1968 Trendon) Winter (No navel Gotz)

First up the twins, Violet and Sapphire.

They are wearing their Ginny of A Passion for Sasha Pinafore's and t shirts, with Sharon socks and Jean Jensen shoes.

Next is Mimi and Ava two very different slate eyed girls, Mimi being a ponytail girl and Ava a pale skinned girl.

Mimi is in A passion for Sasha T shirt and cords with a Diane Dukes cardie and JJ shoes and Ava is in
a PfS T shirt , Mollie Pinafore and Rosie Bloom shoes.

Next Winter and Raven my no navel brunettes.

Both wearing Sarah of Vintage Sasha dungaree sets and Karen W coats with Jj shoes.
Kendal please note I have swapped the coats and for some reason the green coat makes the fushia pink dungarees look purple!

and finally my two most favourite brunette's Jenny and Claudia. Jenny is a 1968 girl and I just love these 68 girls, they have the most wonderful eyes. Claudia is a 1970 girl and the most gorgeous thing! I just love her, her deep brown eyes and her lovely soft hair that does lose a strand now and then but still full and lovely..

They are both wearing Vintage Sasha dungaree sets and Karen W coats with Jenny in Jj shoes and Claudia in Rose B. These two girls have become great friends which is so nice as Claudia seemed quite lonely before Jenny arrived.

I remember at one time have very few Brunette's so I am really pleased that there are now a few more around. In fact I am expecting another member of the clan to arrive hopefully this week. which will make the numbers uneven...... mmmmmm....:)



  1. What a delightful post for us 'Sasha brunette hair' lovers!
    You're girls are making me feel quite guilty as mine are still in their cotton Summer dresses!

    (Not sure now if those were the TWO coats that I had asked you to swap to see what they then looked like over the VS dungarees. Will try to go back when I have a few minutes to spare just to double check.....but thanks anyway for remembering my request.)

    PS to Denise and SS. My Gregor waif to be named Trendon should be arriving here tomorrow morning. Hoping that he fits the bill!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this Brunette fest! :) It makes a change for mine to be ready for winter! They have been getting too hot for the last month in this unseasonable warmth! But finally today they are glad I changed them early!! :)
      They were tow of the coats but I think there were another two you wanted to see swapped too!

      Your Gregor Trendon is perfect as he's the Sasha brood rep for the gang! :)

    2. Looking forward to seeing your TRENDON K...and looking forward to the big reveal of everyone else's before Christmas!!

    3. yes it will son be TRENDON time!! :)

  2. Another wonderful post Dee! I love your brunette line up and they are so well dressed! I love the Karen W. Coats and the lovely outfits by Sarah and Ginny---everything is very wonderful on your beautiful girls. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I was surprised how many I had! :) I so love Karen W. coats, I would love all the colours in all the styles!!:) We have such wonderful talented people in out Sasha world :) xx

  3. What a nice group they are. Different, but similar in haircolor -and all are Sasha :)

    1. Thank you Anne and lovely to see you back blogging, LOVE your new post! TNT! and the demon drink!! Lol :) xx

  4. I love seeing the girls together. Claudia photographs articularly well indoors. Are her eyes mor matt than the other girls? They are all beautiful, but she is stnning, to my mind.

    1. Me too! Claudia is my favourite Brunette, her eyes are the deepest brown and so stunning to see for real, she is even better in the 'flesh' so to speak.:)xx

  5. What a lovely bunch of brunettes Dee....I'm a big fan of the brunettes too....and the redheads...and the blonds! LOL think I've typed that before somewhere :)
    And all dressed so beautifully and cosily for the cold weather in the UK. I admit that I went home the other day and again returned down here at the coast with another Sasha! Not a new Sasha but one of my existing girls. I never mean to bring so many dolls with me, but each time I go home (and I've been home twice) so another doll seems to sneak into my bag! So I now have 11 or is it 12 dolls with me!!!! I need to take some photos of them though!
    Maybe tomorrow.
    Anyway, thank you once again for such a lovely group of dark haired stunners.....I love them all, but I think I have to say that those two at the end, Claudia and Jenny, just have the edge over the others!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Course they do S!! They are NOT GOTZ!!! Dee please note...T*R*E*N*D*O*N!!!

    2. Sharon you have slipped so far down the Sasha slope now, you might as well give in!! :) See you even have to take them all with you where ever you are!! lol
      I have to agree about Claudia and Jenny both gorgeous, so lucky to have them!:)
      hugs Dee xxx

    3. No R, they are not Gotz this is true BUT I have a lovely new GOTZ girl to share with you all soon :) that's G*O*T*Z :))

    4. Oh Joy! Still my beating heart :)

  6. Jenny and Claudia are my favourites too, beautiful girls <3

    1. Me too! but don't tell they'll get big headed!! :) xx