Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Lucas is playing alone. He likes doing puzzles and for one so young he is very good at them.Mum says she thinks he's an idiot savant !  Most of the other children just think he's an idiot!!

Although he's been doing his puzzles , he's also been listening to all the noise coming from elsewhere in the house as Connor and his brother Teddy get ready to catch the train home to Wales for Christmas.

The door opens and Connor comes in wearing his coat. " Lukey ! " he calls " You come see me off home!"
Lucas gives him a cool look .

Lucas looks down at his puzzle watching Connor, out of the corner of his eye as Connor moves closer.

"Lucas ! " Connor says seriously " You come too! you come for Christmas with Mam and me? " he looks pleadingly at Lucas " It be fun Lukey come please!"

Lucas just looks at his Puzzle ignoring the pleading Connor , he sighs and carry's on ignoring his friend.

"Well ? " asks Connor getting annoyed at the silent Lucas
Lucas just turns away.

"k!" says Connor ,turning towards the doors " Am going  Bye! "
Lucas turns back picking up a little wooden toadstool and watches Connor start walking towards the door.

Without even thinking he lobs the toadstool that hits Connor, on the head, causing him to stop and say " Ouch!"

Connor turns back ,rubbing his head , Lucas quickly looks away " What you do that for? " asks Connor " You bad boy , you no come see Mam she no like bad boys!"

Lucas grabs more of the toadstools.

Infuriated Lucas unleashes a barrage of  wooden toadstool at the retreating Connor, who runs for his life!

Lucas listens to Connor out in the hall with Teddy saying goodbye and laughing with the others in the house.

Calming down with a big sigh Lucas begins to finally realise that Connor said he could go with him to Wales for Christmas......should he....?He does not know what to do!

Meanwhile Teddy and Connor are in Dad's car,getting ready to go to the Station.

"Con! Down !" says Teddy " Belt on!"
"No gon wave to Sansie and maybe Lucas!"
Teddy gets on with putting on his belt just like Mam would do.

Getting on his tiptoes he looks out the car window " Sansie Sansie ! " he yells, waving hard.

Sansa, the first one outside to wave off the boys calls back " Bye Connor Bye Teddy "

"Bye Bye ! " shouts Connor " Say Bye to Lukey for me Sansie, bye" calls Connor

Trendon and Ashley have joined Sansa to wave the boys off home for Christmas.

"Bye b b b Bye " says Connor starting to cry as he's told to buckle up and the car starts to move off.

Seeing the car moving down the drive Ashley and Trendon go back inside while Sansa carries on waving as the car vanishes.

Sansa spins round when she hears a small anguished " No"

On the doorstep with his case and his Dragon, Flame, is a very upset Lucas ,arms outstretched he whispers
" Connor no "
Flame looks on worriedly.

" Your to late Lucas " says Sansa softly " They have gone to the station but Connor wanted me to say goodbye to you for him"
Lucas looks down the empty drive.

Leaving his dragon and case where he dropped them, Lucas turns and goes back inside.
Sansa calls after him " Lucas come and take Flame back inside ..Lucas!"

Sansa and Flame look at each other " I think he's upset !"
Flame rolls his eyes and gives a little growl, Sansa gives him a worried look " I hope you are going to be nice? " she says " Or I'll leave you out here until someone else comes to get you !"
Flame smiles a smile that would frighten anyone who did not know him, seeing it Sansa smiles and starts forward to pick him up and help him inside, she hopes someone's looking after Lucas he looked so upset..

to be continued.....



  1. Aww! Send Lucas to me...I'll sort him out...........:)

  2. Oh dear....I do think this young man is his own worst enemy! Pride, it certainly does go before a fall, doesn't it! Poor Lucas, when he ever learn?
    Great story Dee, I look forward to immensely to the next installment!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Yes he is, which is a shame but I'll say no more in case I give away any clues! :)

      Hugs Dee xx

  3. But perhaps- this could be a good idea?

    The lovely boy has always trouble with his own temper and not developing frustration tolerance. How can he be helped?
    (It just reminds me on one of your bears. Was Reuben his name?)

    1. Time will tell ! :)

      Yes Reuben is just like Lucas in many ways maybe I should put them together!! ?? ;)

    2. Interesting idea.
      Reminds me on homoeopathy: "let like be cured by like"
      Let's have a try!

  4. It's so hard be so young, poor little fella x

    1. That's yes Louise, he is so sad his only friends gone home :( xx

  5. Aw, Dee! Send him by taxi! He's always welcome here, The naughty and 'difficult' little boys in school were always my secret favourites. I miss them far more than all the angelic ones.

    Love you Lucas. Come and visit soon. Be a good boy and remember that Flame needs you to take care of him.

    jenni xx

    1. TAXI!!! into the wilds of a Wintery Welsh countryside!!! My poor little sweet ..okay my poor sad Lucas! You'd probably let him run wild while shaking your head , losing a few hairs and saying " Oh what a sweet rascal he is!! "
      All my hard work would be wasted two minutes after he'd set foot on your land and started terrorising the chickens! No the boy stays here and learns that if you make a mistake you have to learn from it!
      :) Dee xxx

    2. Hm... your hard work??? The poor lad still has his summer sandals on and he hasn't yet stopped throwing stuff to get his own way, even if it doesn't work. With his poor cold tootsies, no wonder he is trying to pack a suitcase and head to the land of fleece lined wellies.

      I'm no soppy teacher or over-forgiving psychologist....... I have my somewhat unorthodox but productive methods.......! Even got my mother and husband behaving as I expect now, though in Mum's case it took refusing her a 93rd birthday party yesterday. By their standards, Lucas is an amateur amongst amateurs - he can't hold a candle to Mum in a moody - perhaps the idea of Lucas holding candles is not a good one though.........

    3. That's what you think Jenni! That was in your dare I say it.... younger days!! :) now you are probably a push over being on the granny age side!! Getting your own back on your mum and husband is not the same as a little child looking up at you with a wobbling lip and a tear filled eye...... :)xx

  6. I just ADORE reading these kind of posts of yours! Makes my day!
    A fab break from still writing my Christmas cards as well as hanging all the baubles onto the now rescued from the garage and erected twig tree..
    Hopefully slowly but surely getting there!

    1. Thanks Kendal, I know you like a GOOD story to keep you going between Sasha spending and photographing. I am still trying to do my Sasha cards! and the tree's still in the shed until Saturday, you sound like you are way ahead of me!!! :)xxx

  7. A wonderful Lucas post Dee! The photos of the flying toadstools are perfect and the too late Lucas is once again learning a lesson the hard way!!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger glad you enjoyed it :) Yes Lucas's pride definitely made him fall! :)xx