Sunday, 14 December 2014


A few more photo's of Courtney's wedding.

The dress

some detail

My Fascinator

 Paul waiting to do his fatherly duty.

At the church adding the train.

Courtney and the bridesmaids getting ready to make the big entrance.

Will share some more soon.



  1. Love seeing the usually hidden bits of a wedding. The dress is even more gorgeous close up with that beautiful lace. Nice pic of Paul too, he looked very relaxed.
    J x

  2. Beautiful dress! I can feel a proud mother alert coming on :)

  3. LOVELY! Courtney's dress is really gorgeous, love that lace and the detailing. I think the purple is perfect for a winter wedding too....great choice Courtney!
    I'm not surprised that you feel so proud of her, so you should be :
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  4. Fantastic close up of the dress showing this gorgeous lace detail which couldn't be properly seen or admired before from afar.
    Loving these more personal indoor photos to the previous more formal outdoor ones.
    Smart hat, five lovely bridesmaids..... and proud father pics to complete the occasion !

  5. Truly delightful photos, thank you for sharing them x

  6. Now I know, what a fascinator is!

    And again, this is a very elegant dress, wich I love.
    (...and sadly I am married since so much years and can't wear a weddingdress again. I can't even wear my own, because I'm not as I was then :)

    So nice to see, that there are not only flutter, but laughter and fun!

  7. Lovely happy photos - thank you for sharing more of your daughter's happy day with us.

  8. Just a gorgeous dress Dee! I love seeing it close up to admire the workmanship--stunning! I have had one of the busiest weeks that I can remember in a long time and am catching up with blog posts. I really enjoy your wedding photos very much! Thank you for sharing! :) xxx