Monday 22 December 2014


All the village clan are worried about Lucas and so all day they have been coming with things to try to
lighten his spirit.
Erik and Robin carried in a box for him to use beside his bed and Toby dragged in a chair which he then sat in and looked at a book totally forgetting Lucas as he laughed and giggled at the pictures before wandering off with the book still under his arm!

After lunch Sophie came in with a magical winter globe, which she placed on Lucas's box and said he could borrow  until Christmas day.

Lucas could only nod his thanks knowing that this was Sophie's most treasured Christmas decoration!

Lucas spent the next hour watching the little scene inside the globe.

So engrossed in the globe he jumped when he was suddenly hugged by Belle , who he had not even noticed had come into the room.
"Sweet Lucas , How do you feel ? " she cooed

Any other time Lucas would have growled at Belle for calling him a sissy name like Sweet but he did not have the energy.
" I saw this when I was in town " says Belle putting a snowman card on the box " I thought you would like it "

"Look " says says " It opens to show lots of snowmen!" Lucas looks at the card, he does like snowmen.
"I'll put it on the chair " Belle continues " It's too big to sit next to Sophie's snow globe... " Belle's voice trails away as she realises that Sophie's let Lucas have her snow globe by his bed, last year Sophie nearly thumped her when she asked to have it in her room!

When Simone arrives with a little father Christmas, Lucas sits up to study this new figure, his old mother said Father Christmas was just some old man who stole toys from children but since he never had any toys he was not bothered.
Would this funny happy little man steal his toys he wondered.

He's resting again when Ginny arrives " I thought you may like this little snowman " she says with a big smile.

Lucas looks at this little snowman, he likes snowmen, he's never told anyone this, when he lived with the Ice Queen she would have him make lots of snowmen, he would work all day and late into the night and when he had finished they were be a row of happy tilted very small snowmen but when he came back in the morning they would all be destroyed , their coal eyes scattered and their carrot noses smashed under her majesty's foot.

Once Ginny's gone Lucas sits up and picking up the little snowman figure , wonders at it, he remembers after the Queen smashed his second line of snowmen, that she'd insisted he build all day, he'd been made again to build more but the next morning only a few of the snowmen had been destroyed and the Ice Queen was being carried indoors by Tate and another boy, screeching about her foot. Lucas had looked at the third snowman that was partly smashed  and the large stone he'd had to roll into it's belly , it being so big and laughed so loud he knew the queen would make him pay but he spent all day outside with the last of his snowmen until he had to go and face his punishment!

He puts the snowman back on the box and settles back down, he's feeling a little better then he remembers that Connor's gone home to his Mam! and the coldness creeps back in but not quite so far as Lucas catches sight of all the wonderful snowy things that sit on his box.

To be continued......


  1. I'm so glad to see that finally there is a little reaction from Lucas to all his wonderful presents and gestures from his family in the Sasha Village...I do believe there is hope for him yet and all might be well for Christmas after all!
    There is a small part of me feeling a little sorry for the Ice Queen though. I wonder is she really the baddie? Maybe she has a layer of ice around her heart just waiting to be melted? ;)
    Nah I doubt it!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks for your support S :) :)

    2. Yes at last it seems that the other children are helping Lucas to feel a tiny bit happier. Sorry for that old wicked icy Queen..I shiver at the thought! That's just what she's hoping but she'd have that poor Lucas back out in the snow making snowmen for her to destroy at the stroke of her warty nose !! :))
      hugs Dee xxx

  2. What a truly wonderful post showing the true meaning of the Christmas season! The love and care of friends and family and which Lucas obviously has in 'bucketfulls!'
    I can well and truly see that he will be back to his usual, normal, 'naughty but nice' self by THE day!

    I noticed too that he now has his PJs on! Well done Denise!
    Love the little snowglobe and that box makes a great bedside table to put all his cheerful gifts on so that he can keep glancing at them to help cheer himself up.

    I'd love to take this opportunity to thank all my Sasha friends who drop by here to thank them all for their friendship over yet another year....even though I'm sure that there are times when I must drive you mad! It brings me so much happiness.

    Secondly to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all those ill, sad, homeless and lonely people out there at this time of year. May God bless you all, ease your pain and bring you comfort and joy.

    Many thanks again Denise for reminding us exactly what the Christmas Season is really all about, as with all the continual commercial and financial advertising around us we can so easily forget.
    A very happy Christmas to you all.

    1. I couldn't have put it better myself K xxx

    2. Thank you Kendal I am glad you are enjoying them :) There is lots of love and care in this house and I hope Lucas will be back to his self soon :)

      Yes I finally found the pj's! totally by chance of course!!

      I second your words Kendal and wish everyone , health and happiness, friendship and love for the coming year.

  3. If this goes on, Connor will have to jump back into the post bus and go back to the Village! What our little friend needs is SNOW. He seems to be a child after my own heart.... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Lucas needs to build some snowmen that will hang around for a while.

    What wonderful brothers and sisters little Lucas has been lucky enough to move in with. I'm worried about the Ice Queen's foot though. You OK, Majesty? You clearly brought your suffering on yourself, but I don't like to think of even you suffering from broken toes.

    1. Hi Jen!
      Foot is cartilage in my knee however isn't...ever tried Christmas shopping with crutches....not good :)

    2. JENNI!!! What have I told you NO SNOW!!! some of us have to get up very early in the morning and skate ..I mean drive down twisting country lanes to get to work in that SNOW you love...ok I admit it looks glorious when falling and covering the world in it's white blanket and the most wonderfully beautiful scenes appear before you , making you feel small in the wonder that is nature .....BUT.....No snow K!!

      And don't worry about Icy's foot it's no more than she deserved for what she did to poor Lucas's snowmen :)

    3. Stop looking for sympathy Icy, there's already one queen of that ! ;)

  4. What a lovely and christmasy posting, Dee.
    It feels good to see, he's not that depressed anymore and there's so much empathie in your family!
    So this will be a warm and meanful christmas, I'm sure.

    1. Hopefully next year he will be back to being naughty.....hate seeing him like this!

    2. Thank you Anne :) It is nice to see him finally starting to take a little interest again :)

  5. What a touching post Dee. I loved seeing the sweet gifts for Lucas and the loving attempts to lift his spirits. So nice to see his pjs too. I think he will come around now and have a nice holiday! These things take time. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger I think we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Lucas, so hope he cheers up in time for Christmas ! :)xx

  6. Now we're understanding the real reason for Lucas' temper.......the Ice Queen! But will she feel shame? Nah lol x

    1. You have hit the icy nail on the head Louise ! That old Ice Queen did a terrible job of looking after and raising Lucas and now we have to save him and show him right from wrong! :)x