Monday 15 December 2014

THE T * R * E * N * D * O * N BOYS !

Well it's time to introduce everyone to the founding members of The TRENDON  BOY GANG.
Back in ,we decided that Trendon would make a good name for a Gregor Trendon lad and the challenge was put out for those who wanted to take part to find a Trendon Gregor to bear the name TRENDON.

Because some just cannot wait Today we announce the first set of members, but others can be added by the 15th January , you just need to send in their photo's to be added then.If you are attending next years Chat n Snap , the first gathering of the lads will occur on that day in that place.

So I suppose I should go first so here is my boy TRENDON

New to the Village.

He is looking forward to being in the Trendon gang with his brothers!

So there we have Trendon.

Next up we have....

Yes The Blonde! I thought it would be the beatle-ish brunette but no this is Trendon .From Ronny of Simply Sasha.

Waiting patiently is Louise's Trendon a very handsome early boy.

Luckily Louise gave him some toys to keep him happy while he waited.

Looks like this Trendon's already got his Christmas presents!.

Next up we have

Trendon from the Sasha Brood

this handsome lad belongs to Kendal.

Happy to be joining the Gang.

Next up is our first Welsh member of the Gang.

From the home of Jenni is Trendon .

Despite the cold and wet he was determined to get his photo taken in time for today's launch .

Now up is

Trendon from London, he is quite shy so only one photo of him. He is new to the family of Michelle and looking forward to meeting everyone next year.

Next up we have Harry Trendon,

Harry is the first associate member being he was already living with Gill but as added the second name Trendon in honour of the Gang.

Harry Trendon Nash in his coat enjoying the outsides!

So remember it's not too late to join the Trendon gang, juts buy that poor Gregor, call him Trendon and send in his photo. Two of these lads have been saved from wearing DRESSES!!
Please Note No GOTZ allowed..  :)



  1. Wow! What a great T*R*E*N*D*O*N crew already!!! All very handsome members I might add...BUT where is STEVE'S boy...come on Steve....let him join!!

    1. Oops forgot to check with Steve! I will have word and see what happens :) But good start for the Trendon boys ! :)

  2. What a super mixed bunch of T*R*E*N*D*O*N lads we already have here. This venture should prove to be great fun all round as the boys hopefully steal the limelight for once!

    Are they going to have tasks to prove themselves before their first get together meeting in October2015?
    Congratulations to them all for being selected as the first founding members.

    PS. When are we having to send in our associate members then as I noticed that Gill's lad, Harry Trendon,was already there?

    1. A very good start. I am sure we can come up with some little tasks they will need to complete before the first meeting in October .
      If you have an associate member then send his photo in and he'll be added. :) xx

  3. Nice guys showing here!
    My favorite photo is the SashaBroods Trendon - perfect in colour and cut!

    And I'm happy to read, it's not to late so far.
    My Don 'Trendon' Trend is still waiting at the barber for getting a haircut.
    I wonder when she got time for him, he's the last one on her queue...
    Before that, he don't risk showing himself here.

    (Trendons have to be like the brand >1970 -1984, right?)

    1. Look forward to add your Trendon to the Hall of fame here :)
      He can be any age but must be a Frido/Trendon boy not a Gotz boy and his first name must be TRENDON to be a full member :)xx

  4. What a great group - all handsome lads and such a variety..........

    Now to find my next little fella..... G*O*T*Z!

    1. Oh are we having a GOTZ Gang? Will it be like West side Story at the next CnS ? instead of the Jets and the Sharks, we'd have the Gotz and the Trendons!! ...Ooo am liking this vision..da da dada darrr da da da da da dada.... :)

  5. I agree with Jenni, what a great bunch of lads, it's nice to see all the different looks for these lads with the same name. I too was surprised that Ronny chose the blond lad, I thought it'd be the brunette guy too....we live and learn ;)
    I will have to take photos of my associate lad to send to you Dee, hopefully tomorrow, but I don't really have any dolly time now as I need to get to the vet and also get this darn place tidied up too.....but I'll do my best. If not, he'll have to just be there in spirit I guess ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I like to surprise :) Actually, I can kick myself because due to my spending spree trying to find a brunette boy with good hair I didn't have enough to buy a Caleb...a cool black dude named Trendon would have been good!

    2. I also thought firstly of getting a Caleb but time ran out and I saw the my Trendon above so he made the cut instead. :)

    3. Sharon , you have plenty of time to send in your Associate member, until 15 Jan 2015 :)xx

  6. Lovely looking crew already :) x

  7. What a handsome group of Trendon boys!!!!! I am very partial to the boys and I hope it is okay for me to enter a well loved boy into this worthy club. I finally have some time to breathe and, with your permission, will send the photo to you Dee though I probably will not make your C&S next year (it is a real fantasy of mine to be able to join you in the fun and festivities!). I appreciate that you provided for us late comers, very thoughtful. :) xxx

    1. It is a good looking bunch already! Of course you are allowed to enter a boy to the club. When you have time send a photo and he'll be added to the Gang.
      You never know you may win the lottery and make the next CnS! :)xx

    2. Dee, if we win the lottery, I will be there with bells on! Also, would love to know more about your new boy when you have time :)