Sunday, 7 December 2014


Earlier this year I bought the twins, Violet and Sapphire a lovely deep blue Orchid that was on offer in the garden centre. They were trilled with it but I totally forgot to share their joy with you all!
By the time I remembered the flowers had fallen and it was just leaves and a stick!

Now whenever we have been given or purchased Orchids they are gorgeous until all the flowers vanish then they never flower again and then give up the ghost and die!

But the twins want to show you something!

" An empty chair?!"
the twins giggle
" Okay where's the Orchid!"

The twins go off and return with the pot.

"Look Mum ! " says Sapphire
"It's got more buds !" finishes Violet

" It will be so pretty" says Sapphire
" And we must remember to share the flowers with all our friends!" finishes Violet

"How did you manage to get it to flower again ?" asks Mum in wonder
" Dad helped us!" chorus the girls

" The trick is  " starts Sapphire
"To keep it in a clear pot " continues Violet
"So the light can get to the roots" they finish together, while removing the plant from it's pretty pot, so you can see the clear pot and roots.

Putting it back in it's fancy pot , so they can carry it back to the kitchen windowsill . " We'll take it back out of the china pot once it's on windowsill " says Sapphire
"and leave it to drink in the light to it's roots " finish's  Violet
"Hope this was helpful if any of you are given an orchid this Christmas " chorus the girls smiling.



  1. Fab post! I am amazed with your orchid success! Well done!

  2. Thank you so much, girls. I had one for my birthday and the flowers have just dropped. Now I know what to do to keep it in good condition.
    Jenni xxx

    1. Your welcome Aunty Jenni, just make sure you let the roots have lots of light :)
      Love Violet and Sapphire xx

  3. Unfortunately I thought that I'd just lost the last two (flowers just fell off leaving an upright dead looking twig) that were given to me and which I had put into special tall orchid pots with ridges to stop them sitting in any water.... SO now I know what to do with the one still here that hasn't yet been thrown away.

    I had wondered why they were in transparent pots! Now I know.
    Thanks for the info girls. Better late than never I guess!

    1. Your welcome Aunty Kendal. Mum says it must be a rack that they sell them in clear pot then put them in lovely china ones to give as gifts and then they die and people then buy more!.
      Hope this helps your last one to survive.
      Love violet & Sapphire xx

  4. The twins are just awesome in their brightly colored, lovely outfits, striped socks and pretty shoes! Lovely to behold! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, they do like to be the same but different! :) and Ginny's floral pinafore's are so colourful and cheerful :)xxx

  5. Your gardengirls are looking so great in these colours matching their names :)

    1. Thank you Anne. They do like to try and wear colours to match their names and nice and bright and cheery :)xx

  6. I was also told that water the orchid just once a week with a small amount of water (ie don't drown them). I've managed to have orchids repeat flower several years in a row with this watering pattern, still in their transparent pots but standing in a planter which isn't too cosy around the transparent pot (so I suppose allowing light to get to the roots). Well done Sapphire and Violet for their gardening success (with Dad's help).

    1. That's right and not with tap water if possible, we use water from the rain barrels and the pots stand on draining board until all the excess waters drained away then return to their low saucer like stands. I think as long as they are getting light in someway to their pots sides they will survive! :)

  7. What a great result girls. Clearly you are very skilful gardeners just like Dad and Mum :)