Wednesday 31 December 2014


Well another year over! time seems to pass so quickly! But then everyone says that, so it must be true.
Lots happened this year as usual a few Sasha's left the village, some very missed and some newcomers arrived who are very welcome!
Like most Sasha lovers the Sasha's change as your taste does. You may have started with the younger more inexpensive dolls swearing never to pay the much higher prices and then one catches your eye and you decide that that one's worth it and then you are off down another slippery slope!

Nowadays I have most of the Sasha's that I want but that's not to say that there are not one or two others out there who would be welcome in come live in the village.
I have spent some of my year getting in a few more items of furniture or props to help make the scenes more realistic.

This years Chat n Snap was very well received and well attended. many brought quite a few of their Sasha's being unable to decide who had to stay behind and therefore we had the most Sasha's Gregor's and Babies plus a record amount of Toddlers in one place probably since the factories were running!
There was a great display of Course dolls for people to see and hold, so giving people a chance to see up close how nice these part of the Sasha story are.

We also had Janet's take on the Studio dolls from the Sasha book, she is still working on this project that she set herself of 22.
This years theme was 'all the fun of the fair ' which was well received.Next years Chat n Snap is booked for the 24th of October more details will be released in early January when you will be able apply for a ticket.

We raised £660 for The Alzheimer Society , so well done to all those who took part and those that did not manage to make it but bought a ticket in case they could.
I would like to thank all those who helped make this event run smoothly and all those who came and supported it.
There were one or two stresses along the way but these things I have come to expect although I do think people forget that I have feelings too!

 We had our youngest daughter's wedding in November which was a lovely end to the year, she looked gorgeous and we had a wonderful weekend with friends and family celebrating a fabulous day.
Hopefully we will hear, some time next year, that there could be the patter of tiny feet but we will just have to wait and see !

On the Sasha front I have a few things that will be happening on the blog plus the next Chat n Snap to organise and have two theme's that I am trying to decide which one to run with!
I may even put it to a vote...maybe... :)

Well I hope everyone's 2014 was good and if not, let's go forward into 2015 with our heads high, our faith strong and our Sasha's ready for whatever we find .





  1. Lovely post Dee! You did have a busy year and the Chat n Snap was the pinnacle, you did a fantastic job and I look forward to hopefully being able to attend again next year!
    I am sorry that you had to suffer some stresses along the way Dee....I think that some people forget that there are always two sides to the story, but often it is the one that whinges the loudest that gets all the attention.....but eventually we all see through the smoke screens and people are not as stupid as they may appear!!!! So as they sing in Frozen, "Let it goooooooooo, let it gooooooooo!" yeah well enough of that terrible singing, sorry about that, my excuse being I have a very sore throat so NOT my best singing voice ;)
    I just want to say that it has been lovely having you as a friend this past year, and look forward to that continuing into the next one!
    Sending big hugs and lots of love
    Sharon xxxx

    1. I mucked that shall start again...
      Well said S!!
      Remember True friends say good things behind your back but bad things to your face....that is why I am always rude to you Dee...Love you really!!

    2. LOL yes, that's it exactly Ronny! You're too naughty! :)

    3. I think you are a little on the naughty side too S!!! But we are angels compared to NAUGHTY JEN IN WALES :)

    4. You have a wicked sense of humour Ronny, I love it :)

    5. I blame it on Dee Louise...she makes me bad :) Happy New year to you by the way xx

  2. A great end of year report, Dee.
    But you do have one thing wrong - I've moved up the Sasha value hill a llitte, but their younger brothers and sisters refuse to move out!

    Anyway, the neighbours are gathering, waving bottles and demanding mince pies, so
    Hippy, Noodlexxxx Hoppy Now Y - hic xxxx Harpy nxxxx
    Have a great 2015!
    Now where'sh cork shkrew? Need nother glash before itsh all gone.

    Ish it midnight yet? Letsh shing Auld Lang Shine now. No? Wake me up when it'sh time, I'll jusht have a little shnooze under the table.

    Happy New Year to all residents and friends of The Sasha Village!
    Jenni x

  3. Great to see that you hit the target of 300 posts before the end of the is year. Sorry haven't been able to catch up with the comments as such but will continue slowly but surely in-between visitors and phone calls until I do.

    Thanks to all at the Sasha Village for another most enjoyable year of blog posts and especially for your Sasha friendship.

    A very happy New Year to you all. With Sasha love from Kendal.xx

  4. Lovely heartfelt blog to end, all the best for 2015 and I for one can't wait for next years Chat n Snap you did such a wonderful job this year!
    Enjoy the rest of this year with your lovely family, both real and Sasha.
    Love Louise x

  5. What more can I say? *g

    Also in Deutsch, da fällt mir aber noch was ein: Du hattest ein erfülltes Jahr mit vielen Höhepunkten, vielleicht sogar ohne Schwierigkeiten - und wenn es doch welche gab, dann hast du sie erfolgreich bewältigt.
    So geht's mir auch -und vermutlich den meisten hier.
    Wir sehen also dem Neuen Jahr einigermaßen hoffnungsvoll entgegen, auch weil wir ja in unserem Alter unsere Kräfte ganz gut kennen :)
    Alles Liebe!

  6. Happy New Year dear Dee! It has been a great year and I thank you for your friendship and for your blog which is so very enjoyable! :) xxx

  7. Thank you everyone , i am looking forward to blogging and Chat n Snapping this coming year.
    Many thanks for your support, comments and sense of humour :)