Saturday 20 December 2014


Violet goes up to Lucas's bedside and asks " Are you feeling better Lucas? "
Sapphire watches.

" Is he awake? " calls Sapphire softly
" No I think  he's sleeping " confirms Violet
" Maybe we'd best go we must not wake him up " Sapphire states.
"What about the plant ? " asks Violet

The girl's decide to put the plant in the corner, so Lucas can find it when he wakes up.
" I hope he feels better soon " the girls say together.

Violet looks sad " We need to find a way to make him happy again "
Sapphire agrees " I remember when Mum sent you off I was so unhappy "
for a moment the girls remember that terrible time when Mum nearly split them up.
Then they go off in search of the others determined to help Lucas feel happy again.



  1. Such sweet girls, surely Lucas can't fail to be moved with all the sympathy he's getting from his Sasha family?
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. They are sweet girls and very worried for Lucas.:)

  2. Maybe they need to decorate the plant for Christmas but if he keeps his face turned to the wall he won't see it.

    1. They did consider that but they want him to get up and come down and joy the fun and worry that he'll just stay in bed if they make him too comfy!

  3. Oh dear, this is worse than I thought. :0(

  4. Lucas is very blessed to have such loving and kind sisters! :) xxx

  5. How kind, thoughtful and caring are those Twins then! There's something so very special with twins as I know from my youngest brothers twin girls.
    I'm so pleased that you relented and got them back together again. They have become so much a part of life at the Sasha Village.

    1. There is something special about twins and they are a big part of the Sasha village. I do tend to have moments of madness that I do not always survive but luckily I did from this one!! :)